8 Questions to ask a Podcast Producer Before You Hire Them

Having a podcast producer or editor on your team is incredibly beneficial.

Crafting an episode, preparing promotional materials, scheduling releases, ensuring visibility, coordinating with guests, and continually enhancing the show and its technical quality – these tasks are extensive and demanding. Expert assistance can significantly lighten your load.

Nonetheless, selecting a third-party service provider can be quite an undertaking, particularly if you’re not well-versed in the field. It can be challenging to discern the quality of service providers or to choose one that truly fits your specific needs.

Consider asking these 8 Key Questions:

  1. What’s your vision of a successful podcast for a business like ours?
  2. Do you offer any coaching, feedback, or strategic planning support?
  3. What’s the expected timeframe for transforming raw audio into a polished episode?
  4. What promotional content or materials do you supply with each episode?
  5. If starting a new show, what does the launch process involve, and what is the estimated timeline?
  6. Can you describe the scope and style of editing your service entails?
  7. On average, how long do clients continue to podcast with your services?
  8. What is your approach to resolving issues that may arise?

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