I can help you make podcasts that connect your audience to the topics they care about

At Sound Concept Media, we believe in the power of sound to tell stories, educate, inspire, and entertain. With over two decades of masterful audio production experience in podcasting and radio, I have crafted content for audiences in podcasting and radio, turning fleeting moments into lasting impressions.

My Expertise, Your Story:

Creating Compelling Concepts
I can work with you to understand your potential content, audience and goals.
– Audience research   
– Format development
– Content strategy
– Episode content planning
Audio and Video Production
Whether working together or in-person, we’ll create a professional product you can be proud of.
– Professional mixing and mastering
– In-person & remote recording
– Scripting & show notes
Distribution & Promotion
I can help grow your audience with a marketing strategy utilizing social, web content and email.
– Podcast distribution
– Audiograms & Social media assets
– Campaigns & Promotions
Insights & Analytics
I can help you understand who your listeners are, where they are, and which episodes resonate with them the most.
– Track growth and success
– Subscriber & listener reporting
– Reporting tailored to meet your podcast goals

Dive into the world of unparalleled audio production. Connect with me today and transform your sound concept into reality.

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